Kitzmiller Appraisals

Comprehensive Appraisal Services in Hyattsville, MD

Knowing the actual value of a property is a must for every owner, and Kitzmiller Appraisals is here to help. We offer appraisal services in Hyattsville, MD, to assess the value of any real estate. The licensed appraiser on our staff is qualified to provide these services in both Maryland and Washington, DC.


Kitzmiller Appraisals serves not only individual owners but also probate and family courts to determine the value of a disputed property. This is essential knowledge that a court needs so they can make an informed decision about the house, office, or other structure in question. Contact our certified professional today to schedule our services and appraise your property.


Convenient Flat Fee for Every Job

We charge a flat fee of $400 for our appraisal services, which includes travel and on-site expenses as well as research, photographs, and the finalized report. This fee covers most locations around Washington, DC, and Maryland.

For clients needing both personal property and real estate appraisals, we charge a flat fee of $600 in most locations. This includes travel and on-site time, photographs, comparable, research, and typing. Call our office to learn more and discuss your appraisal needs.