Kitzmiller Appraisals

Comprehensive Appraisal Services in Hyattsville, MD

When you have property for which you need to know the actual value, then Kitzmiller Appraisals is here to help. We offer appraisal services in Hyattsville, MD, to assess the value of your personal property or real estate. Our licensed appraiser is qualified to provide our services in Maryland and DC and will come to your location to determine the value of your property.


We also provide our services to probate and family courts to help establish the value of a disputed property. This is essential so that the court can decide on what to do with the disputed property. So when you need estate or personal property appraisals, trust our certified appraiser to handle the work. Contact us today to schedule our services to determine the value of your property.


 Convenient Flat Fee 

When you need either a personal property or real estate appraisal, we are happy to take care of the work. We charge a flat fee of $400 for these services, which includes travel and on-site expenses as well as research, photographs, and the finalized report. This fee covers most locations around Washington, DC, and Maryland. Reach out to our office to learn more about our flat fee and to discuss your appraisal needs.

Our Combination Fee


For clients who need to have both personal property and real estate appraisals conducted in Washington, DC, and Maryland, we offer a FLAT FEE of $600, in most locations, which includes travel time, on-site time, photographs, comparables, research, and typing.